Composting harnesses the natural process of decomposition

The process effectively replicates nature’s own recycling system. By providing an environment rich in organic materials, moisture, and oxygen, it accelerates the breakdown of these materials into a nutrient-rich compost. 

Identify Compostable Packaging

The Compost Stewardship Institute Mark (CSIMark) indicates packaging that is accepted by the Compost Stewardship Program.

The CSIMark clearly and visibly identifies compostable packaging that has been rigorously tested and directly approved by our 3rd party network of composters throughout the U.S.

Packaging with the CSIMark meets ASTM D6400 standards, and is safe for composting.

How To Compost Packaging

Compost Stewardship Program

The Compost Stewardship Program is a compostable packaging bring-back program!

The Compost Stewardship Institute coordinates collecting pre-qualified compostable packaging from brands and delivering it to a network of composters throughout the U.S.. The Compost Stewardship Program is the best way to ensure that packaging gets composted.

How it Works:

  1. Customers return pre-qualified used compostable packaging to a participating brand or drop off location.
  2. CSI coordinates sending packaging to a network of composting partners.
  3. CSI ensures 100% of recovered packaging becomes nutrient-rich compost.

Home Composting

There is not yet a home compost standard in the USA, however we encourage consumers to include products with the CSIMark in their home compost. They are non-toxic and will decompose in a reasonable time, resulting in healthy compost to regenerate the soil.

The specific amount of time that packaging with the CSIMark will take to compost depends greatly on the conditions and management of the home compost site. The speed and efficacy of degradation are largely determined by factors such as local climate, season, carbon-nitrogen mix, and air circulation.

Curbside Compost Collection

Packaging with the CSIMark is safe for all types of composting. However, not all industrial or curbside compost collection services will accept compostable packaging. Some are currently only able to accept food scraps or yard waste. Please check with your local compost facility before sending them compostable packaging.

Our mission is to create mainstream access to composting – if your composter does not accept compostable packaging, please introduce them to us!