Compost Stewardship Institute

The Compost Stewardship Institute (CSI) is a non-profit organization that has effectively tackled two major challenges in the composting industry:

1. Boosting Acceptance of Compostable Materials

CSI has been instrumental in increasing the acceptance of certified compostable materials among composters. This initiative has been crucial in fostering a more widespread adoption of sustainable practices within the industry.

2. Elimination of Contamination:

CSI has focused on eradicating contamination in compostables and organics provided to composters, ensuring that the end product compost is of the highest quality, safe, and sustainable.

CSI leverages its expertise to assist businesses in ensuring their compostable materials are processed both effectively and sustainably

This approach aligns with their commitment to fostering environmentally responsible composting practices.

One of CSI’s significant achievements is the diversion of large volumes of compostable materials from landfills, which is a substantial step towards efficient compost production. This not only aids in waste reduction but also contributes to the creation of nutrient-rich soil amendments.

CSI makes composting simple and efficient

CSI extends its support to all entities that generate compostable materials, providing guidance towards efficient and result-oriented composting practices. This support is vital for brands, retailers, and all producers of compostable materials in achieving their sustainability and zero-waste goals.

By simplifying the composting process and offering efficient solutions, CSI makes it more accessible and manageable for businesses dealing with compostable materials. Their role is pivotal in transforming the approach towards waste management and sustainability in the composting sector.

Utilize CSI’s expertise to ensure your business’s compostable materials are composted effectively and sustainably.